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Yes. You can ride the bike back or take a taxi back to our San Francisco bike rental shop. Many taxis in Sausalito have bicycle racks.

5. Are there other ways to come back to your San Francisco bike rental shop?

The ferry runs regularly and the space is first-come first-served. However, during the peak season (usually from Jun.-Sept.), you will need to make a reservation at the Sausalito ferry ticket booth to ensure your afternoon spot. Please contact ferry companies Blue & Gold Fleet and Golden Gate Ferry for more information. 

30 minutes. It arrives at Pier 41 (next to Pier 39) at Fisherman's Wharf (about 20-30 minutes biking back to our Lombard street bicycle rental shop), or at the San Francisco Ferry Building (Pier 1) (about 45 minutes biking back to our Lombard street bike rental shop).

3. How Long does the ferry take and where does it drop me off?


2. ARE Bicycle rentals Allowed on ferry back to San Francisco?

Ferry Ride:

From our Lombard street San Francisco bike rental location it takes about 20-30 minutes (3 miles) to the beginning of the Golden Gate Bridge. It takes about 10-20 minutes to cross the bridge (1.8 miles). It is about 15-20 minutes (3 miles) mainly downhill to Sausalito after the bridge.

2. Do I need to wear a helmet while using your bicycle rental service in San Francisco?

1. Do you provide Lock and Helmet with your San Francisco bike rental?

San Francisco Bike Rentals - FAQs

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Yes. Wearing a helmet is mandatory when you rent a bike from Bike & View San Francisco bike rental.

7.  Are bicycle lights included in your San Francisco bike rental?

5. Can I return My Bike Rental after your bicycle rental shop is closed?

Most of the time you don't. We have hundreds of bikes available for rental. However, bicycle rental may run out during some days in the summer, so reserving your bikes in advance guarantees the availability when you arrive at our place. Plus, you can get up to 30% discount on San Francisco bike rental with an online reservation!

1. Do I need to Make a bicycle rental Reservation before arriving in San Francisco?

Ferry ticket costs around $13/person. You can purchase ferry tickets directly at the Sausalito ferry terminal. Ferry schedule: Blue & Gold Ferry to Pier 39, Golden Gate Ferry to Pier 1.

1. How much does it cost? Where do I buy ferry tickets?

3. How long does it take to bike the Golden Gate Bridge from your bicycle rental shop in San Francisco?

Yes. A helmet is provided and REQUIRED with each bike rentals.


6. Can I return my bike to a different San Francisco Bike Rental location?

No, you will need to return your bike rental on the next day. Please keep the bike(s) inside your hotel room at night and return on the next day during business hours. Daily San Francisco bike rentals are for up to 24 hours (subjects to availability). If you are unable to return the bike(s) on the next day, please make sure to return on the same day before store closing time. No late-drop off/late return.

4. What if I get a tire PUNCTURE (flat) with my bicycle rental?

2. Can I cancel my San Francisco bike rental reservation?

4. Do I need to pick a time? Do i need to reserve in advance with my bicycle rental?

No. All bike rentals must be returned to the original bicycle rental shop at 1772 Lombard st, San Francisco.

Bicycle rental reservations may be cancelled during rainy days. You will not be charged for cancellation due to bad weather.

Yes. Cancellations on bicycle rental made 24 hours in advance to reservation date are fully refundable; cancellations made within 24 hours of the reservation will be charged $15.00 per bike administration fee. No refund for not showing up.

3. What happens if it rains on the day of my reserved San Francisco Bike Rental day?

No. Lights are available for purchase upon request at our bicycle rental shop.

Every bike rental comes with an optional $4 insurance that you can purchase when you pick up the bike. The insurance covers all repairable damages of the rental equipment, such as tires punctures that are caused by sharp objects on the road and it is unpredictable. With the insurance, you can fix your tire at any local bike shop and we will cover the cost when you return.